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An online course for anyone looking to improve their communication, grow their confidence and build high performing teams.

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This is a program for anyone looking to improve their communication, grow their confidence and build high performing teams.

Through the Leadership Masterclass program, you will gain a practical framework anyone can use to cultivate transformational confidence and build championship caliber teams. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a “charismatic” speaker, you will understand that you can be an effective leader without being an extrovert.

In today's world, whether it's about growing within your career, starting a business or moving towards your goals -- the time for effective leadership is more important than ever.

This program is about learning how to develop authentic leadership skills so you can become a constructive communicator who builds unstoppable teams that help you move towards your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible.

How to Cultivate Authentic Leadership

Lessons From Professional Rugby Coach Stuart Lancaster

Stuart Lancaster is a professional rugby coach. And through the Leadership Masterclass program, you’ll be guided through his highly practical curriculum of leadership training and tools: the same ones he uses in professional coaching sessions with elite rugby teams, multinational companies, and everyday life.

At the heart of the Leadership Masterclass is Stuart’s proprietary leadership process: a clearly organized and easy-to-follow framework that anyone - even the quietest, most introverted individual - can use to elevate their communication and build high performing teams in any area of life.

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Join The Program

What you’ll Get

The Complete Leadership Masterclass program for developing practical tools for authentic leadership.

Audio downloads of the entire course so you can listen on the go.

Downloadable worksheets to complement the course material and help you better apply what you learn

Bonus material from Stuart's private notebooks that he uses to coach his players and the executives he trains

A full list of Stuart’s recommended “Golden Books” of leadership - including detailed notes on each of them

Full access for the lifetime of the course

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What you’ll Learn

1. Leadership Fundamentals

Gain insight into the foundations of effective leadership that Stuart has developed over his long career as a professional rugby coach and his time as an educator. You will discover that you don’t need to have a “charismatic” personality to be a leader that people look up to.

2. Effective Communication

Exceptional leadership requires clear and actionable communication. You will learn the exact principles Stuart has developed throughout his career that you can apply immediately when communicating with the people in your life.

3. Emotional Intelligence

The best leaders are skilled not only in applying raw intellect, but they possess strong qualities of emotional intelligence as well. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of the importance of emotional intelligence and how to practice it in your daily interactions.

4. Styles of Leadership

There is a misconception that there is only one type of person who can be a leader. We dispel that myth, and help you to understand that leadership is a skill that can be learned. We make that happen by showing you the 6 styles of leadership, how to apply them in different situations, the pros & cons of each style, and how they can work together.

5. Team Building

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is true in life, sport, and business. Throughout this course, you will learn how to build high performing teams that will help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

6. The Pitfalls of Bad Leadership

There are useful insights to be learned from observing the effects of poor leadership. You will see exactly what great leaders do, in contrast with the ineffective actions of awful leaders, and how to avoid the bad behaviors.

Meet Your new Coach

Stuart Lancaster, Creator Of The Leadership Masterclass

Stuart Lancaster has worked at the highest level of International Sport and studied Leadership extensively throughout his career, working with teams at all levels.

This course is a culmination of all that experience translated into the lessons learned from high performance sport into a business context.

As the former head Coach of England Rugby and current Leinster Rugby coach, Stuart provides real world experience in high stakes situations that can be applied to any industry, profession or sport that requires effective leadership.


Senior Coach at Leinster Rugby

Former Head Coach of England Rugby

Former Head of Elite Player Development England Rugby

Elite Leadership Level 5 Qualification

Keynote Speaker for many companies linking High Level Sport to Business Leadership

What our students say

“Incredible course, the detail & explanation is world class. Powerful insights into techniques and tools to use in the practical world.”

Mitchell C.

“Absolutely accurate content with great delivery. This will impact positively going forward my relationship with my direct reports.”

Frank A.

“Very well aligned to my own beliefs with a clear and concise logical process laid out. Again very clear messaging and clearly articulated by Stuart. Outstanding course and would highly recommend it!”

Jess I.

“Excellent insights from a great coach who has coached successfully at all levels of the game. Thank you so much for sharing your insights which is greatly appreciated.”

Bill M.

The Curriculum

The Leadership Masterclass program provides you with a proprietary approach to leadership that is designed to simulate one-on-one coaching with Stuart Lancaster.

On each of these lessons, Stuart himself will guide you through a series of high quality modules and exercises that rapidly supercharge your confidence, communication, emotional intelligence, empathy, and every other measure of what it takes to be a brilliant leader.

Whether you’re an outgoing “people” person or a quiet introvert, you will rapidly grow as an authentic leader as Stuart coaches you with the same tools he uses to train elite athletes and Fortune 500 companies.

You will notice tangible breakthroughs as you progress through the program and gain the ability to present yourself both confidently and authentically.
Communicating in a way that inspires people will become second nature.

You will see that others will find themselves looking to you for solutions, even if you’re not the loudest person in the room. All because you’re finally mastering today’s most vital asset in business and in life: leadership.

What you Learn

Part 1: Connection & Extension

As a leader, you will need to have a vision of where you want to go. This section will show you not only how to create a vision, but also how to connect it to the people you will lead. You will also gain an understanding for developing organizational context, so you can be a more effective leader within your company, team, and life in general.


Tips for Effective Communication

Maximizing Your Energy

How to Connect With High Potential People

Recharging Your Emotional Batteries

Part 2: Characteristics of Inspiring Leaders

If you want to be a great leader, you will need to identify what exceptional leaders do differently from everyone else. This section breaks down the fundamental qualities that the best leaders embody and how you can apply them in your daily life.


Understanding Organizational Context

Optimistic Big Bets

Develop Your Credibility

Focus Performance & Results

Part 3: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

True leadership goes beyond raw intellect or persuasive charm, it requires a subtle understanding of the emotional game everyone participates in, whether they are aware of it or not. This section will help you to gain practical competence in emotional intelligence, providing you with the tools to become the type of leader who inspires positive emotional responses from everyone you interact with.


How To Manage Yourself

Developing Social Awareness

Getting The Best Out Of Others

The 6 Styles of Leadership

Part 4: The Pitfalls of Poor Leadership

In order to become truly great leaders, we need to look beyond what the role models do correctly. It pays to study what ineffective leaders get wrong, so we can avoid making the same mistakes. In this section, we will take a close look at common traps that can knock leaders off track and how to best prepare against them.


What Bad Leaders Get Wrong

What Good Culture Looks Like

Problems In The Workforce

How To Overcome The Pitfalls Of Poor Leadership

Part 5: The Secret To Building High Performing Teams

Teams are like a living organism, and like any living thing it requires the proper care in order for it to be healthy and grow strong. This section will provide you with the proper mindset and tools that are essential to building a championship team, whether in your family, business or sport. The most important part of a winning team, is the person leading it.


The Key To Building Your Best Team

The Power of Golden Moments

Qualities of High Performing Teams

Team Spirit Simplified


“Taking this course has further exposed me to some silent truths on how to become an effective leader.”

Augustine E.

“Exceptional insight into leadership with lots of top tips and thoughts that can be used in everyday working or sporting life. Very enjoyable”

Aaron G.

“I like the practical relation the course has to managing a rugby team.Very hands on.”

Anne S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me? What if I’m not in a leadership position?

Whether you’re an entry level employee, an amatuer sports coach, or a Fortune 500 CEO, leadership is an essential skill for achieving any kind of goal. At its core, leadership is about authenticity, and making real connections with the people who can help you reach your goals. This is true whether you’re looking to get ahead in your career, win a championship, or make a meaningful impact on the people in your life.

I’m more quiet and introverted. Can I really benefit from this?

Stuart Lancaster himself is an introvert, and his perspective is clear: leadership is a skill that can be learned. The tools and techniques you learn in the Leadership Masterclass program will empower you to confidently apply your authentic leadership skills - even if the thought of that seems outside of your comfort zone right now.

How is this different than reading any old leadership book?

The difference is in the level of immersion, hands-on training, and ultimately results. The Leadership Masterclass program includes many of Stuart’s proprietary techniques around leadership and team building. But it also features direct personal coaching from Stuart himself, many of the techniques reserved for Stuart’s professional rugby team or the corporate clients he trains. You’ll enjoy far greater breakthroughs and faster progress compared to any other method of learning.

My country is still on lockdown. Will I still be able to use these techniques?

Yes! The fundamentals of authentic leadership and human connection are universal - and the skills you’ll gain from this program are highly effective in any setting: whether it’s in your physical office space, remote team meetings, or even on forums and social media platforms. Plus, as things get back to normal and the demand for real-world connections skyrockets, you’ll have an invaluable set of skills for that in person meeting, live sports event, or family reunion.

Will I receive instant access to the entire course?

Yes, of course. You will be given instant access to the course and all the Bonus Material. The Leadership Masterclass is designed to be experienced at a steady pace which allows you to establish competency before moving on to the following module. We are creating lasting change with this course, and that requires consistency and commitment.

Can I buy this course as a gift?

Absolutely! Giving the course as a gift is a great way to inspire someone you love and show that you care about their growth. Just go to purchase as a gift to get started. You can complete the purchase by using your email address and wait for the instructions to arrive into your email inbox with the next steps.

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